IC-9700 setting duplex offset and Sub VFO issues remotely


I have been using WFView under Linux with an Icom IC-9700, remotely and have noticed some limitations:

  • When setup for repeater operation, I can’t set an duplex off-set remotely. This is an issue due to 70CM repeaters here in Australia using a mix of 5, 5.4, 7MHz offsets.

  • If the sub VFO is turn on and that VFO is on 70CM for example you can’t switch to 70CM remotely.

Access to memory channels would be awesome remotely.

The software is otherwise working nicely and I’m grateful for the work put into it. I’m a great supporter of Linux and other open source software. Being a Linux guy, using the RS-BA1 Icom software is not really an option so once again thanks for the work.

73’s, Mick VK3ADD

Hi Mick,

Your repeater offset issue is interesting, it’s pretty much “set and forget” here in the states. We will put an issue on the tracker for this, it seems worth doing.

wfview doesn’t support dual-VFO operations yet. So it is best to slip into just one VFO for remote use, at least for now. One day we will get this going, it’s just filled with subtle things that we want to make sure we get right.

Memory channels is something we’d like to do. It will be a while before we get to it though, as it is a lot of UI “glue code”.

I’m glad you find it useful. Keep your eye on the master branch for updates.


de W6EL

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in the Netherlands there is a mix of 1.6 and 7.6 shifts