Good morning everyone, last night I downloaded the last release and like the previous one I found no problems in making the program work with the 7300, I performed tests and put Wfviwer into operation with wsjt and deluxe ham radio, everything works well without problems. Now that there is the possibility to insert the IC-V address (beautiful) on the config menu, it would be necessary in my opinion to be able to enter the communication speed of the COM ports in this way it can also be used with older devices as per the title. I did some tests, Wfview inserting ic-v of the 756pro recognizes the appliance but does not communicate why the speed is fixed at 112.000 while ic756pro the max speed and 19.200 connected to the micro Keyer. I hope we can test it.

73 Ale IZ4OSH

Hi Ale,

I’ll reply here for clarity. We will definitely add the baud rate menu to the UI. For now, you can alter the baud rate by manually changing the preferences. The procedure is outlined in the manual under the older rig section.

I’m very interested in how it goes with the 756pro. I have not added any code in to support that radio, but if your experience is positive, I will consider adding it. You’re lucky to have the “pro” version, the prior one lacks a PTT command.

If you try manually setting the baud rate, please let me know how it goes.


de W6EL

Hi Ale,

Do I have the complete model correct, “IC-756 Pro”?

I just want to make sure it’s not the Pro-II or Pro-III. I may do a little testing of the code with your model.

de W6EL

hello Elliot my rtx and ic756pro.

because pro2 and pro3 are the same with each other.

73 thanks. Ale

Hi Ale,

I see what you mean, very similar. Well, I added some code for the Pro III and Pro today. Very little difference. The Pro III provides power output metering, where the Pro I doesn’t.

The code is checked in, should go to master later today, and eventually to a provided windows build. The only impact you would see is the proper population of attenuator, preamp, and antenna selection menus.

de W6EL

Hi Elliot ,

yes it is so, the only difference between the pro, and pro2 pro3 and the one you listed.

74 Ale

hello Elliot ,

attached the debug of the ic7400 also this file is complete.

73 Ale iz4osh

wfview.log (246 KB)