Icom 705 connection when in memory mode

Hi all!
I have problems to connect to Wfview if IC 705 is in memory mode. I just want to confirm that this in normal ?

Thanks in advance,

Regards from Loic, SM5VFE

Hi Loic

All Icom rigs only send scope data when the scope is actually on the rigs screen, otherwise the wfview scope will not move until you switch back to the scope screen.

Is this what you mean?

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil

Hamlib doesn’t work with rigs being in memory mode. Is it the same with wfview? I see some difficulties connecting in vfo mode also Sometimes no problem and sometimes program doesn’t find the radio when trying to connect. Sometimes connected but nothing in the wfview freq window.

Regards from Loic SM5VFE

Hi Loic,

As Phil said, if the waterfall isn’t displayed on the radio’s screen, then wfview cannot display the waterfall.

If you do not receive a frequency or other data into wfview, please make sure that CI-V Transceive is enabled. Many other ham radio programs will turn this rather useful feature off for you automatically, without asking, and that will make it difficult for wfview to find your radio on the CI-V bus.

With the IC-9700, I am able to connect when in memory mode, as this is typically how I use the radio with satellite memory channels. I don’t have a 705 so I can’t test it, but I think it should work fine.

de W6EL

I just placed my 705 in memory mode (as in – hve “MEMO” instead of “VFO A/B” at the display.
If I start wfview. I get connected and it shows whatever I placed in the memory, including waterfall.

Can you tell if this mode is what you mean or are you referring to something else?

Hi all!
I must do something wrong with CI-V adress. I cannot get program to save “A4h”
I try to put it to auto in 705 radio. Thanks for the help.
73 de Loic, SM5VFE

Thank you Elliott.
Seems to work now.

Regards from Loic, SM5VFE