Icom IC-970H support

Hi, I know this is a pretty old rig but was wondering if you guys had plans for supporting it. I briefly tried thinking it might work but no joy

Hi Kevin,

Can you bring it by for testing? :slight_smile:

Most likely, all you would need to do is set the CI-V address on the radio to a similar model that we already support, and then manually specify it in wfview and check the box “Use as Model ID too”.

I have not looked at what commands that particular radio has. Many rigs from that era support only frequency, mode, and some memory-related commands. But sometimes you find one with s-meter or other functions.

If you follow our guide on using older radios, and get the radio to “fake” being one of these radios:

Then you will probably have some success.

I’ve been told I have an older radio obsession. So don’t be shy, let me know how it goes, we’ll get it.

de W6EL

Ok, just read over the manual for that rig. The CI-V address is set by removing or adding diodes on a circuit board. So… you’re probably in no hurry to get in there and set it up to look like a different (but supported) rig.

If you can find any kind of data about what commands are supported over CI-V, then I can add them the next time I am working on the rig identity code.

Until then, you can try manually specifying the default CI-V address in wfview as 0xEH. That may do the trick enough. Make sure to set the correct baud rate, the default is probably 1200 bps. Press “Save Settings”, close wfview, and re-open. See if that works.


de W6EL