IP Address Question


Just trying to learn, so admittedly this might be a dumb question.
Trying to connect again over LAN.
Have NETWORK box checked in Settings,

As I mentioned, when I put the correct IP address in yesterday, everything worked fine.

This morning not the case.
I entered the IP address (…122), but would not start.

But- With a bit of "fiddling, I did get it working.

However, when I go to the Radio Status box, I see …142 for User IP Address.
NOT THE .122 that the radio shows for the IP address, and also in the Settings tab for Network

What is likely happening ? Is it actually connecting thru LAN, or possibly using the USB instead ?

What am I doing incorrectly (as usual) ?


Hi Bob,

The Radio Status box should show the IP address of the current client (computer running wfview) that is connected to the radio, not the address of the radio itself. If you have multiple computers, this should indicate when another computer is connected to the radio.

73 Phil M0VSE


As always, thanks for help and info.

Best regards,