LAN connection

I had wfview working fine with a Widows 10 PC in the shack and another Windows 10 PC inside my house. The shack PC USB connected the house PC connected over LAN.
It worked fine.
One day I switched on and the house PC would not connect over LAN.
I have tried everything reinstalling, checking ip address, firewalls, radio settings everything it will not work (connect) and yet it was working fine, It is now 3 days I have been trying to get it to work again and I have run out of what to do next


Hi John,

I assume IC-7300 is the radio?

Can you ping from one computer to the other?

de W6EL

I have also done a reset on the radio and put the settings in again.
As I say it was working then stopped and has not worked from the LAN connection since.

Yes it is an Icom 7300 and I can ping the IP address OK

I have managed to get it to work again. Not sure why.
I uninstalled and then reinstalled the Silicon Labs driver on the shack computer.
It then worked again over the LAN connection.
Odd as the waterfall and all functions were working on the USB connected shack PC with the old driver, also N1MM, fldigi and Ham Radio De Luxe were also OK with the original driver.
I just hope it keeps working
John G7OXK