Log4OM CAT Interface Problem

I have been using Log4OM with Wfview and WSJT-X as described in the manual. However Log4OM has a problem reconnecting after the radio has been turned off.

When I try to connect. The frequency in Log4OM comes up to something like 14520000. I have to STOP CAT, go back to CAT Interface in Log4OM and recheck the option “Connect to active HAMLIB instance”.

I know others have experienced the same because they’ve told me. Is there a fix or a specific shutdown sequence others are following to prevent having to set up the CAT interface again?

Rich, K0PIR

Hi Rich.

I don’t quite understand the problem. When you say the radio has been switched off, did you also close wfview? If so, this will close the rigctld server and disconnect Log4OM. There is nothing that we can do about that (you would need to leave wfview running whilst Log4OM is running). I would suggest always closing Log4OM first and opening it after wfview is started to ensure it reconnects.

If Log4OM is losing the “Connect to active HAMLIB instance” setting, I would suggest this is an issue with Log4OM. Are you running the latest version of Log4OM as I seem to remember there was an issue with older versions not keeping some CAT settings?

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

Thanks for commenting. Yes latest versions of software.

I usually stop CAT in Log4OM, then power off the radio by using wfview “power off”, but I have tried it various ways.Then I power on the radio with wfview and go to Log4OM to start CAT. Sometimes it works, but many times it doesn’t. I will get a freq of something like 14520000 on the Log4OM display. So I have to stop CAT and go into the Log4OM CAT interface settings and check off “Connect to active HAMLIB instance” because somehow it is not checked.

My latest attempted fix is using HamLib in Log4OM and setting it up to use the Rig model Icom 7300 and a serial connected radio. I use a CI-V cable with the baud rate of 19200. No problem with this except I have to start WSJT-X first and then start CAT in Log4OM. If I start Log4OM first WSJT-X will not connect to the radio. I’m using the HamLib settings as in the wfview manual.

This problem may be with VSPE. I have it in the mix, so I can use DTR keying for CW in Fldigi. I’ll check that possibility.

Thanks and maybe some others will chime in too.

73 Rich, K0PIR