Looking for RPI users

Hi there,

I am looking for anyone who has wfview running on a Raspberry Pi with WSJTX with the rpi connected by tcp/ip to a rig. If you have clean TX audio I would love to pick your brain a bit to gain some pointers as my tx is not clean.

Thanks in advance & 73,
Tom, N2YTF

I’m monitoring this since I’m getting ready to attempt the said on an RPI 3.

Frank if you get it to work let me know and feel free to reach out for whatever little help I can offer. I’ve spent a lot of time getting to the point I’m at but still not all the way there…

Tom, N2YTF

what rig are you using, Tom?


7610 / 9700 / 7851 <—> PI or
7300 <—> PI

(I think I know but…)

Me too, IC-7100 and IC-7300 with RPi4 8gb.

Also considering trying an FT-7800, not sure if feasible though.

73 Mike G8NXD

From my side:

IC7300 - pi4

WSJTX only on fast decode.

I’ll be watching this conversation, as I am a big fan of RPis. I have a complex problem as I use a 7100 with an IF tap using an AirSpy connected to a PC running HDSDR. That gives me a local waterfall which I can click on to tune the 7100. Also, the keyboard spacebar gives me PTT. I would like to extend the whole system to another part of the house, but so far, I have not been able to find how to extend both the 7100 control and HDSDR waterfall together. Ideally, it would be great if wfview could display the HDSDR waterfall in its normal window.
Sorry if this is slightly too off topic.

Roeland ive tried an ic-705 over WiFi (705 <—> Pi) and an ic-7610 over Ethernet ( 7610 <—> Pi) with identical results. Getting the 705/rpi WiFi connection up to snuff was difficult but not impossible, but the issue here is not related to WiFi or connection quality or which rig is used. Wsjtx connected via usb without wfview running runs fine and produces perfect audio on the same rpi.

It would appear wfview in its current state or the virtual audio cables are not fully compatible with the standard Linux that commonly runs on the RPI. I have tried Buster and Bullseye with identical results.

No one has yet said they have been able to get clean tx audio with an RPI over TCP/IP from the current wfview. It could be that there are things specific to UDP audio streaming over TCP/IP on a RPI that need tweaks to wfview or the audio cables.

Are you using an RPI and do you have clean tx audio to a rig connected via TCP/IP? Specifically have you listened to the wsjtx tuning tone especially after switching bands a few times?


Have you listened to your tx audio on the 7300s monitor function? Is the tuning tone from wsjtx always clean?


The problem 99% solved, but the mystery deepens!

I had literally tried everything I could think of to fix this problem of tx audio dropouts.

I now have a solution but I have no idea why this solution works.

For me to have clean TX audio, I must have the PulseAudio Volume Control program running. As long is that program is running, I have clean, reliable TX audio with no dropouts. I need not make any tweaks to the settings there, I just must have the program running. The only exception to the clean TX audio is if the setup remains idle for an extended period. Then the first 2 seconds or so have dropouts and then after that all is solidly clean again.

This setup runs fine with the RPI as the WIFI hotspot, the 705 connected directly to it via wifi, the Iphone connected directly to the RPI via wifi and the iphone streaming time to the RPI and connecting to the rpi via RealVNC. I am a happy ham!
For those who are interested in this setup, I have another post where I discuss the things you have to do to the RPI WiFi config to get it to be a good hotspot for the ic-705 with no lost packets and good ping times.

I have no explanation for what is going on here, but I don know how to have my setup working. I would really like to know why I must have PulseAudio Volume Control running…

73 and happy to answer any questions,
Tom, N2YTF

Check this entry saying Pulseaudio has an inbuilt “virtual audio”.
I have used it running Wfview as a server to Wsjtx. / Tommy


Virtual audio cables on raspberry pi

](Virtual audio cables on raspberry pi)

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