Make a suggestion for waterfall dialing

Hi again, this time to make a suggestion.
Well, I keep testing with wfview.
I have compiled the source code by modifying the default step from 100Hz to 1000Hz, so I like more how the mouse acts when finding the signal in the cascade as most people work at exact frequencies.
Well, I’ve seen that the modification needs to be done in several places, and I wonder if it would be possible for the waterfall to work by default at a 1000Hz pitch, or maybe 500Hz, and the dial go to 100Hz, as it works now.
It would be more convenient to use the waterfall, and would allow you to fine tune quickly with the dial (or mouse wheel).

Hi Jordi,

It is possible to set the scroll and click resolution in the waterfall to a different value from the tuning wheel and keystrokes.

I could definitely see making these things preferences that people can select. I like 100 Hz tuning usually because sometimes I miss things at 1 KHz. But for clicking into the waterfall, 1 KHz makes sense as you are generally clicking on signals that you can already see!

It’ll need three or four tuning step pop-down menus, and then some glue code for the preferences. I think it’s a good idea.

de W6EL