Markers Suggestion


I guess by now that the list of suggestions is approaching
infinity, but if there is room for one more, this would be very worthwhile.

In some other programs like SDRConsole, etc., it is possible to show on the Spectrum view
a small piece of text saying what the station is, and a vertical line marker going to the frequency.

A correlation is made between what is showing on the Spectrum view, and a designated database.

Really handy and nice.

Something to add on to the list.


Hi Bob,

This is definitely a good feature and it’s on our todo list. We might wait however until we write a more radio-centric spectrum display. We are thinking about transitioning to something a bit fancier that would make it easier to do things like this, as well as dual-spectrum radios and such.

I’d like to be able to overlay memory, satellite transponder bounds, ham radio band bounds, DX Cluster reports, VFO A/B stuff, split locations, etc. I think it would add a lot of utility. Even just 5 “MARK THIS SPOT” markers would be handy.

de W6EL