Meter Question


Wonderful program.
Old-Age level questions:

a. what is “RIT” ? How used ?

b. and, which second meter option should I pick
that corresponds to dbm on the radio’s display ?


Hi Bob,

RIT= Receive Increment Tuning. Aka Clarifier. For transceivers, it applies an offset to the receive frequency without changing the transmit frequency.

Not sure about your second question. All we read out is the S meter. Seems like a different meter in dbm might be something we could add.

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,
I can understand the question because I have a R8600 also.
On the receiver one can make a choice on what the “s-meter” shows.
Beside S-units it can show values in dBµ, dBµ EMF and in dBm.