Monitor ALC?

is there a way to display the transmitted ALC when in SSB mode?

Can be displayed.
1.Settings → Meater Selectton:
Select ALC from the pull-down list

2.ALC is displayed in View.

looks like I need to update, I dont see that on my version UPDATE looks like I have the latest version, and I dont see that option using my 7610

it’s in for a while already to be honest.

Date: Mon Aug 23 14:40:36 2021 -0700

Now with dual meters for everyone!

so if possibe, update yes. (what’s your version?)

On a sidenote – I would choose SWR instead. ALC is a single set and forget thing on th erig itself – if you stay within the range as stated in the manual – you are good to go. Note that ICOMs ALC is different from some othe rmakes where ALC deflection is a NO-GO. In the ICOM case it’s totally fine.

Hi Jamie,

you might see this under Settings → Radio Settings, if you are running a very recent version with the revamped settings tab.

Send us a screenshot if in doubt.

de W6EL