Moving the wfview support group

Hi all,

When we set this group up less that a week ago, there were two things that we didn’t realise would happen:

  • That our little software project would be so popular,.
  • That newly-created groups on the system with more than 100 members are now chargeable.

As we now have nearly 250 members and the fact that we don’t want to start asking people for donations (we have already made one payment to to keep the group live), we have decided to move to a system hosted on our own server, based on the ‘discourse’ platform.

If all goes well, we will transfer all existing users and messages to the new system, however if you do not wish to be transferred, please ensure that you unsubscribe from this group immediately. Any member who is subscribed to this group when we perform the export tomorrow (Sunday) will automatically be subscribed to the new one. We will attempt to copy as many settings as possible with regard to digest etc.

We have decided to make this move before the group and number of messages grows too large which will make transferring difficult.

Once the new group is active, this group will be archived.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the new system. Once it is live, I will post another message with further information.


Phil M0VSE

What must we do? Name of this new group?
73 - Pierre - FK8IH

What must we do if we accept to be moved to this new group?
73 - Pierre - FK8IH

Hi Pierre.

You don’t need to do anything, I will make another post with the address of the new group once it is finalized!

73 Phil M0VSE