Multiple radios

Good morning all, I looked at this software when it first came out and at that time I got the icom software working. Today the icom crashed and won’t work so I spent a little time getting this going.
I have it set up and working for my 9700 and need some time to learn it.
My question is do I install a second copy into a
Different folder for my 7300?
Sorry for the bad spelling and caps, I am typing with big thumbs on an iPhone

Thanks in advance

Hi Gerry.

The best way to work with multiple radios is to run wfview with the --settings command line argument:

wfview --settings rigname.ini

Once done, this will create a configuration file called rigname.ini and you can configure everything for that particular rig then click ‘save’. If you then run with a different .ini filename, you can do the configuration for your other rig.

Once done, you can create shortcuts that include the --settings argument for each rig.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks Phil, I know what your talking about but the brain isn’t working right now on how to accomplish that task.

Gerry Klotz

Phil where can I find the setting command line you mentioned?

It is the command that you run, if you are using Windows, the program is wfview.exe but you likely run it from a shortcut.

Probably the easiest thing to do is copy the wfview shortcut and edit the shortcut properties and in the ‘Target’ field add:

--settings ic7300.ini

This would make the target:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\wfview\wfview.exe” --settings ic7300.ini

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks Phil that worked. I have the 9700 all
Set up and working. I set the server up for the 7300 but can’t figure out how to get that to connect remotely yet.

Gerry Klotz