New builds available

Hi all,

We have just uploaded builds dated 2021-05-09 for all supported platforms. These include all of the latest fixes:

  • Data Mode now sends the currently selected filter.
  • Removed -march=native compiler and linker flags to make builds more compatible
  • Preliminary IC910H support
  • MacOS build with embedded qcustomplot

73 Phil M0VSE

Works on Mojave 10.14.6. Very nice!
Now it’s time for F1 :slight_smile:

That might take a bit longer as reading the Qt bugreports, there are some issues.

I might try compiling my own build of Qt5 from source though so ‘watch this space’

73 Phil M0VSE

My radio PC is x86 32-bit running several digital ham radio apps.
Is there a way to make it run wfview?

Hi Poul,

The Windows test build on is compiled for 32bit so it should work on 32 or 64bit Windows.

73 Phil

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