No Transmit Audio on 7300


I’m having no success in getting transmitted audio out to the radio from either the client here on my Lan, nor another windows client out on the network. I’m getting control, PTT and all other controls on the View panel , panadapter waterfall are
I’ve gone back over the manual settings on both the server and client pcs. I’ve set the radio settings exactly as described in the manual as well. Still no mic audio. Mics show working in Windows 10 sound settings as well.
Using ver 1.2-e
Port forwarding on 5001-5003 in router pointing to the radios ip.

Radio status panel shows mic activity.

Server and client settings

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One other thing, from the client laptop I can hear mic audio from the server location over the receive audio.



On the machine connected directly to the IC-7300, wfview only uses audio for the server, it doesn’t really make sense for wfview to do anything else with audio devices as the radio must be close to the computer to work. You are best to leave the ‘main’ audio input/output comboboxes on the default audio device. The USB Codec devices need to be selected in the server tab to allow server audio to work.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks for the quick reply,
I thought I was following the manual in setting this up.I want my client on the Internet to be able to use the 7300 and be able to receive and transmit audio from across the hall web to my 7300
Can you refresh me on those settings both server and client? The server It’s set up right next to the radio on a Windows PC. The client could be someone on the land, or the Internet. I’m just not clear on this. Thank you


Did you ever resolve this, I’m having the same issue.


Hi Mike:

I’m having the exact same problem with my 7300 connected to Win4ICOM over my LAN. PTT works fine, but I don’t seem to be getting any audio out from the mic.

Doesn’t look like you got a response on your question. Did you get it figured out?


Ron - KJ5XX

Hi Ron,

Give wfview a try without Win4Icom running. wfview has built-in remote audio and control. This is a configuration we support. You’ll need one copy of wfview running on a computer with the 7300’s USB connection, and the second copy can be on a remote computer or laptop connected via the LAN or internet.

See here for details: Remote Operation (server) | wfview

If you get that working and then decide you need win4icom at the same time, we can try to see if there is a way.

Generally “no transmit audio” means the radio’s transmit audio source is set incorrectly, for example, set to “Mic” instead of “USB”. You can change that setting in the radio’s menus or within wfview.

de W6EL

I have exact same issue.

Setup is IC-7300 → (USB) → RaspberryPi → (network) → Mac

Everything is working perfectly except TX audio.

Also of note, iPad running CDR-Control software also works perfectly but also no TX audio.

I suspect issue is raspberryPI configuration but not sure?

Yes the USB audio devices must be selected in the server tab, the audio devices in the radio tab aren’t used for USB connected radios

So Phil thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I have the server side configured this way as you can see by the image, issue I am having is RX audio works fine at the client end but TX does not.

The radio is configured correctly as WSJTX works perfectly from the raspberry pi.

It seems to be some issue with the TX audio from the remote client which is on the same LAN inside the house.

Any other ideas?

Post the log from client and server (click send to termbin and post the URLs you receive here)

Client side:-

Server Side :-

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mark.

Nothing obvious in either of those. You might want to try a different audio system on the Mac. Disconnect from the server first.

One problem that I have found that seems specific to MacOS is wfview will try to use the native sample rate of the audio device, if the native rate is over 48K, this can cause issues. You might want to try using the built-in Microphone rather than the Rode device?

You can also try forcing the device to 48K in “Audio MIDI Setup” (found within Applications/Utilities)


Don’t forget to check that the radio’s mod source is set correctly. Sometimes it is set correctly for digital modes with USB-D but not for voice modes.

Interesting that seemed to have worked. I pulled the Mac out of the dock and ran it with same settings but internal audio input and output and seems to be working fine with no other changes.

I will do more testing tomorrow back in the dock with the Røde device tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

Thanks for looking at this and the advice.


Dock connected to a display or so?

It is almost certainly a bug in wfview, but not one I have been able to reproduce as I don’t own a USB sound card/microphone that does this.

I am happy to help in any way I can to get to the bottom of this. Hit me on email, look up A65B or VK3XB on QRZ for email address.

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