No WSJT-X transmit audio to IC7610 over Wfview

I am using Win 10 over the LAN and have followed the info in the audio-configuration topic, but no transmit audio. The received WSJT-X spectrum is also strange with many ghostly signals. I am using VAC. I can see the WSJT-X signal in the virtual cable using the Sound panel on the remote PC. I notice that the Wfview settings allow stereo receive audio (LPCM 2ch 16bit) but not transmit (LPCM 1ch 16bit). If I select LPCM 1ch 16bit for receive, the WSJT-X spectrum looks abnormal and I get no decodes unless it is set to LPCM 2ch 16bit.
Late breaking news: I am now getting transmit audio but it must be distorted as I am getting many sidelobes on the signal…sort of like I see on the receive spectrum. Or when I increase audio to get full power it fills the whole 2.9kHz channel. The current format shown in the VAC control panel is ExtPCM/4800/16/2(3) for both VACs. My copy of VAC might be different than that shown in the audio-configurations (4.62) and the info shown at the bottom of the VAC control panel shows SR:48120.
More late breaking news…After finding everything frozen, I restarted the VAC, Wfview and WSJT-X and now the TX signal is good but the receive spectrum still shows unwanted ghost signals.

I’m not using that config but to me it seems like it’s still a level issue.