Not connecting to IC-705 via LAN

I’m trying Wfview for the first time. I have watched several videos about setting up the 705 for access point use with Wfview but am not able to make the software “connect” to the radio. I can connect the Windows laptop to the 705, just no connection when I press “connect” with Wfview.

The “how to videos” on Youtube vary to a degress , so I’m a little uncertain. Here is what I have
WLAN on the 705 is ON , the wifi icon is visible on the radio
C-IV Transceive on the 705 is set to ON
CI-V address is the default 705 address, A4h
Network radio name at the moment is set in the radio as “705”
Network User1 is also set to “705”
Network User1 Password at the moment is set to 12345678
under Connection Settings (access point) in the 705 , I have
SSID 705
password 12345678
IP address is

in Wfview I have…
radio IP
radio control port 5001
username 705
password 12345678

I have audio paths set to my laptop sound cards ,

When I attempt to connect Wfview I see a brief message that it is searching for a CI-IV address but no confirmation that anything is found.

In the varying Youtube videos, some mention setting up the 705 SSID name and password but make no mention of setting the Network radio name or network user1 password. Some are the other way round, they stress the netwirkuser1 settings but not the SSID settings. So, I confugured them all to be the same, just in case it made a difference

Any suggestions ?

Andy K3UK

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Hi Andy,

From your windows PC, can you ping the radio? Let me know if you need directions.

de W6EL

I solved the problem . I believe the fix was something not mentioned in any of the Icom videos I watched beforehand . My 705 had the “Network restart after reboot” option in the off position . When I changed that to ON , and did a radio reboot, all started working .

Andy K3UK