Open the software twice

I was given an Ic 705 for Christmas. I’m happy.

Now I have a 7300 and a 705 …
Can I open the software twice? The idea is to be able to have both radios running remotely at the same time.
I set up different ports and worked the NAT properly to access remotely and it works fine with both radios running, but one by one. I change the ports in the client software and go to one radio or the other.
But is it possible to open two instances of the software, each with its own parameters?


Hi Jordi,

Yes. In the user manual, there is a chapter about command-line arguments. You can specify a settings file using command-line arguments. wfview is smart enough to append the default configuration folder to the path you specify.

For example, on my workstation, I have several icons that are shortcuts to wfview for different radios like this:

wfview --settings ic-7300.conf
wfview --settings ic-9700.conf

Once I set up the icons, I launched each one individually and configured it for the radio, and then I pressed “Save Settings” to actually cause wfview to create those configuration files.

After it is set up, it is a breeze to make shortcuts to your radios (and your friends’ ones too!).

de W6EL

I need more screens on my computer

Thanks Elliot

ooooh pretty!

Me too!

de W6EL

Very nice! I had to resort to a second monitor to make operating easier. Life is rough, lol