Operating split?

Hi all

Love the software. Im am just missing some small pieces to make it close to perfect.
When working DX it is essential to be able to use split. I have not found that function in the software. I tried with the duplex function but that did not work. Am I missing something or is it not yet implemented.

I also look forward to cw functions since I work mostly CW. More than willing to participate in testing.

Version 1.0 of Wfview works great on Windows11. I am part of the windows insider program and have Win11 installed on one of my PC:s

George SB7S

that’s not yet implemented. no split. no dw, no dual wf etc. it will be implemented in the near future.

Hi George,

You haven’t missed it, it really isn’t there yet. You could try using the DUP function on rigs that support it, such as the IC-705. But the real way to do this, which will come to wfview eventually, will be to let the user click on the waterfall to set the transmit and receive frequencies and then to use the rig’s split function.

As Roeland mentioned, we’ll also get dual VFO, dual spectrum, and satellite modes soon as well.

Thank you for testing it out on Windows 11. Good to see things are working. And do let us know if you find anything buggy.

de W6EL