Picking Up On Prog. Which Ant. the radio is using


Wonderful program.

No big deal, but thought I’d mention:

Antenna: ? Does not, at least for me, pick up which Ant. is being used by the radio.
Change it on the radio, but it is not reflected on the program.

Mode: ? works perfectly.


Hi Bob.

Wfview uses ‘transceive mode’ which causes the radio to send frequency/mode changes automatically to any connected program, unfortunately many other settings aren’t automatically sent and connected software must periodically query the radio to find if the setting has changed.

We do this for certain settings already, but it was always a design decision of wfview to keep the number of individual status requests sent to the radio to a minimum. This is something that we will address as part of our internal status cache enhancement, but the best thing for now is to only make these changes on wfview as that way everything will always be in-sync.

73 Phil M0VSE