Power on/off, transmit, connect, disconnect

i can connect my 705 from my notebook and i hear the sound from the transceiver and i can transmit, but only with earloudspeaker.
But i can Power off with Wfview and some seconds after this Power on and the transceiver starts.
How long after Power off can i start the transceiver with Wfview over network ?
Seconds, minutes or allways ? The DHCP-IP-adress from my router is allways the same.
Some times after the normal start from transceiver and programm must i at first connect or disconnect and connect. I think the programm is now not complete, a Beta-Version ?

Hi RS,

You can switch the input to “LAN” using the Settings tab of wfview. That allows for audio input to come from network clients. After doing so, you can use your computer’s microphone to transmit audio.

The fastest you could power off and then back on, and use the radio, using wfview as the power off and wfview as the power on, would be three seconds. This assumes the radio went into standby mode. I do not know the turn-around time for other means such as a cold boot-up.

I do not know why you are needing “first connect or disconnect and connect”. I have not experienced this issue. If it’s happening a lot, can you tell us some more details about your setup?

wfview is a work in progress, it may never be “complete”, but I hope it’s good enough to enjoy!


de W6EL