Probleme mit Version 1.53 Client-PC

To all members
Who also has the problem, since version 1.53 on the client, with me of a Windows 10 PC the audio drivers are no longer detected correctly in remote - operation. Even when switching and plugging and unplugging the headset, the problem can not be fixed. The log log indicates that the assignments of the drivers to the audio devices no longer work. What has been changed to version 1.52??? I use a Lenovo Ideapad S340 with Win 10 Home
many thanks Jan-Peter -DL3KVT

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Hi Jan-Peter,

Can you share the log file with us please? Simply press Log and then press “send to termbin” and then paste the URL that comes back in a few seconds into a message here.


de W6EL

mni tnx Elliott

this is the log-File!!
73 and thanks!!

The server log would also be useful…

What platform are you using for the server? If it is a Raspberry Pi, I have found that you need to disable the background wireless scanning service, otherwise that stops sending data for around 5 seconds every minute or so. More on wifi scanning - Raspberry Pi Forums describes a few methods to disable this.

73 Phil M0VSE

Yes, Elliott

as a server runs a Pi 4 and how to turn off the background scan there that I honestly do not know. so far I had not yet advanced with linux Ubuntu and co.
what surprised me then but that it worked with version 1.52.

maybe you can give me a tip how I where what would have to configure!

many greetings Peter
my Server-log

Hi Jan-Peter, the important part of your (server) log is:

2022-12-09 16:53:09.046 INF gui: Got Server Audio Input:  "default"
2022-12-09 16:53:09.046 INF gui: Got Server Audio Output:  "default"

This tells me that you haven’t told the server where to find the radio audio, within the server tab of wfview settings, you need to select the USB audio codec devices for both TX and RX audio, then save settings and restart wfview.

Also, unrelated to this issue but I see that you have specified the CI-V address of the radio, we recommend to leave this on auto on both the server and client and to enable CI-V transceive on the radio.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hello dear Phil,
thank you very much! Yes with the USB drivers on the server at the Pi 4 and the Ch IV address on auto belassen bracht already very much. Could now also set the audio mod to “QT audio”! With a latency of only 99 min / max. 135!!!
These are top values.
But what still does not work so. he saves the peripherals so the displayed audio drivers at the client PC not permanently.
There I must now once between … e.g. headphones 1 and speakers back and forth although the correct selection appears, then he also takes. Sonnst but suuuuper!!!
Topp! Great performance from you!
many greetings and a beautiful 3.Advent!!!
Your Jan-Peter -DL3KVT-

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