R8600 Support ?


Didn’t see it on list, so may I please ask:

Is the Icom R8600 supported ?
Fully ?

And, would like to Save a link to the User Manual, and probably also print it out.
Is there a link to enable me to do these two things ?


Hi Bob,

The R8600 is supported, and over Ethernet, it’s a very nice, fluid experience. There are some features that we have not done yet, but it’s enough to type in frequencies, use the waterfall, change bands/modes, etc. Remote audio works great. Probably the biggest two that we don’t have yet are memory management and scanning.

de W6EL

Oh, and you asked about the user manual. Currently we only have it on our website, so you would have to print each page to PDF to get a normal “paper manual” so to speak.


de W6EL