release 1 PLANS

Release 1:

Basic functionality needed for common QSO tasks. Rigs are supported over OEM network connections and USB connections. This release targets stability and basic functionality.

We currently have:

  • single RX
  • single scope if the rig has it too
  • high speed scope/waterfall when used over ethernet
  • basic rigctld functionality
  • repeater setup
  • remote on/off rig (if you have your rig in STBY mode!)
  • basic controls RF, AF, SQ, TX output, TX/RX, scope reflevel, rit, mode select, VFO TS, edge settings, scope center/fixed including scroll variants, ATU On/Off & tune

and some other features.

I just installed the software this afternoon and after discovering that I needed to turn on CI-V Transceive ( thanks Phil) it seems to be working well.
I have only carried out basic testing of the functions so far but have discovered that antenna selection is not working with my IC-7610.

John G4HPW / W1JCT

hi John,

thanks for the positive feedback. We are aware of that the antenna selection is not working yet on the 785x and the 7610.
(also: the selection should start with "1’)