Remote CW

Is it possible to send CW remotely ?


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Hi Paul,

We’re working on it, this is a feature a lot of folks have requested. As a non-CW op (so far anyway), can you tell me if you want to “type” CW messages or plug in a hardware keyer, or something else?


de W6EL

Hardware keyer, or winkeyer emulation would be great

I have worked my IC-7300 remote using a home brew straight key CW solution that has proved to work really well with good reports from worked stations over the last months.
I’ll happily share my design thoughts of my implementation, or the code if so, to the developers if you are interested.

My remote CW consist of a server application running on a Windows PC and a client running on either a Windows PC connected via the USB interface to the IC-7300 or an Arduino connected to the CW connector on the radio.

The idea is to first establish the round trip delay and the relationship between the internal clocks of the remote and local system.
When the RT delay and clock information has been communicated I just send at what time in the future the remote CW key should be on or off. The time of when the remote system should lower or raise the CW key input depends of the measured RT time.
I.e. I use the RT and add a security buffer time for additional internet jitter.
Using this I normally have a dely of 120-150ms from when I push my key until the remote key interface is pushed when working over 4G/LTE network.
On the remote side I have some safety built in so that no key down may last more than 5 seconds or the key is automatically released.
Locally I monitor the key by using a USB-serial adapter where the key is connected to CTS or DSR. At the remote end the key output is exercising the RTS or DTS of either the serial interface used or the built in USB interface of the radio.
The resolution of key read and exercise local/remote is 1ms plus OS potential overhead delay.

I have a built in side tone monitor that works OK for slower speeds but probably not for speeds above 20-25 as there are a very small delay from key down to sound.

You might already have a systemized idea of how to solve this but if you want I would share as much as needed.
My idea is to put this up on github but I don’t yet know how to do that and I would like to clean the code a bit before I do.
It is built in the QT environment.

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Hi Bjorn.

That definitely sounds like a good solution. It would certainly be interesting to integrate that functionality into wfview.

Please keep us informed with developments and I would definitely be interested in having a look at the code.

73 Phil M0VSE