Remote power on for rigs that can

This program looks very exciting. So I understand that CI-V transceive needs to be on so that the software can decide what radio it is amongst other needs.

One useful feature is to be able to remote power on / off the radio when you want to use it. Would it be possible to have a field to input the destination CI-V address so the radio will respond to the power on command?
That would be very cool!

It would be also interesting to see if a really lightweight server component could exit without any of the graphics front end as it could make for a very tidy ethernet to CI-V / Audio bridge. Wonder if a Pi ZeroW would cut it with the appropriate interfaces…

Thanks for the great initiative here!



Hi Simon,

If you look on the Settings page, you will see that there is already remote power-off/power-on functionality in wfview!

This hasn’t been extensively tested on all rigs but it has worked very well on what we have been able to test. We do plan to move this into the main page at some point.

As for a lightweight server only version, this is absolutely on our TODO list. The main issue is that many functions are tightly integrated to the GUI at the moment, but our plans for release 2 are to complete a major re-factor of the code.

We are looking at publishing a custom RPi image and with the built-in server component, this could be used to add remote LAN functionality to the IC7300 (among others)

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks Phil,
I had pulled down an old version of this software quite a while ago and hadn’t noticed the power buttons. Revisiting this now. Just pulled down the new binaries and see it now. Don’t know how I missed it…

Yes it’d be neat to have a skinned down server image that ran on the smell of an oily rag. In my case, I’d be using it for a remote IC7100 for when the 2 and 70 cm bands open to VK and good to have the ability to operate from work.

Cheers & thanks,


On the IC7610, sofware turns on / off rig. While in off, the radio remains in standby.

Rafael / NN3RP