RIT/XIT Offset Display

In reviewing the Roadmap for upcoming releases, I’m excited to find CW Support and Multi-VFO operation. I wonder if these will add XIT to the existing RIT functionality. Also, for RIT/XIT, it would be handy if there could be a display of the amount of offset from the main freq; something like +/- 9.9 khz. And when using RIT/XIT or Split VFO, it would also be handy if the Spectrum/Waterfall indicated with a separate line (different colot) where the Transmit and Receive freq fall. Essentially emulating the functionality of the 7300 and presumably other rigs.

Hi Don,

Yes, that’s a good idea. When we go in and re-work the VFO and spectrum stuff we’ll look at it. It’s all sort of tied in together.


de W6EL