Running Multiple Applications via USB

Anyone tried running REMOTETX and WFVIEW simultaneously on an ICOM 7300?

I have used hamlib as a netcontroller, remote rsba1, wsjtx and such. I also ran wfview together with
hamlib the same time.

For remotetx and wfview: I haven’t.

We’re wondering what the reasoning behind the use case is though.


I can see user cases for that. On the “radio” computer at home I want to have wfview running. And when connection from the TV couch I mostly do it with a laptop or windows tablet. But I also want to be able to connect from the train on my way to or from work. Or at my lunch break. Or when waiting for my wife at the mall. Then I need a browser based solution like remoteTX or rigpi or, so I can use a mobile device like my cell phone or tablet.

At the moment I always end up in the “wrong phase” when I am in the shack the radio is connected to a raspberry for using it with browser based solutions and when at work its connected to a PC with wfview.

The best solution would be to have a mobile app for wfview. That would make me a happy camper.

My 2 cents


Hi George.

wfview for iOS and Android is certainly a possibility, as both platforms are supported by Qt (I did once produce a test build of wfview which worked on my iPad…)

This is something that we hope to do at some point in the future.

73 Phil M0VSE

I run wfview 1.2c on my ubuntu system, to connect my IC7300.
I run also, FLrig, Cqrlog and ft8 software.
I connect wfview to radio port, and FLrig to virtual port on wfview.
I connect CQrlog and FLdigi and FT8 soft to FLrig via XMLRPC

With this configuration I can work locally, with the waterfall on screen (a luxury) and thanks to FLrig, I have access to configuration buttons that wfview does not yet have.
Plus, wfview allows me to connect remotely and make some contact from work … don’t tell my boss :grin:.

The configuration is explained (without wfview) here: Configuració de control ICOM IC-7300 usant Ubuntu Linux, Flrig, CQRlog, i WSJTx – Radioaficionats del Pallars

73, from Catalonia

very welcomed information, thanks!

just my deskboard… on air (g90 is my other station)