Saving selections

I set step selection on mouse scroll wheel to 10Hz and selected a different theme. When I close the program and re-start both go back to default of 100Hz and Jet. I have been clicking SAVE on settings page. Am I doing or not doing something correct? This is really no big deal but since all is new and you seek comments I thought I would submit. So far the program is great with my IC-7300.

73, George K4GM

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Hi George.

We will check the theme as that should be saved. Tuning step size is a tricky one as I agree, 100hz is not always what you want but it is also very band/mode dependant, i.e. on 2m FM I want a step size of 12.5KHz but that wouldn’t work on 80cm CW!

We will definitely look at handling this better but at the moment, this setting isn’t stored.

73 Phil M0VSE

Another thing that is not saved is the RX audio. TX audio slider position is saved but not RX. RX is always set to max.