Server Setup Window Doesn't Accept Entries

I’m trying to configure the server.

Now press “Server Setup”. Define a username and a password.

This opens a Server Setup window but doesn not allow me to create a username/password. Shouldn’t there be a button that says “New” or something? There are buttons labeled OK and Cancel and they both close the window.

How do you enter a new username/password?

While we’re at it, what does ““Full User” is the type that has the most control” mean, or do I have to create a username/password first?

Thanks again,


Hi Ken.

Once you enable the server, just type in the boxes under username/password. If you can’t type in these boxes, this is a “slight” bug and easily fixed by making sure the server is enabled, close the window, then save settings and restart wfview. You should then be able to enter a username/password and an additional line will appear below each account.

At the moment the different user types don’t actually do anything, eventually these will control the level of access allowed.




Uh, OK. Follow up question:

I’m creating the username/password on the copy of wfview on my remote computer in Thailand or on my host computer in VE3, where the radio is?

Seems to me this information should be on wfview at both locations, no?

I’m enabling the server on the copy of wfview on the host computer in VE3, correct?



Hi Ken

You only need to enable the server on the computer that is physically connected to the radio and enter the username/password in the server setup box.

On the remote computer, enable LAN mode and enter the remote IP address, username and password in the boxes next to LAN.

You also need to make sure that UDP ports 50001-50003 are being forwarded from the remote router to the remote PC.



That solution worked for me. I simply enabled the Server option next to the USB settings, clicked Save Settings, exited wfview, then opened it again, went to the Server settings, and saw the space to enter a username, password and role.

I had the same issue on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 20.04 - so at least it’s consistent! :slight_smile:

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