Slight problem when starting remote rig

I am successfully running a remote rig setup with Wfview 1.2e, Raspberry Pi 4 cards at both ends and an Icom 3700, and am very happy about it. The data communication is over fiber and TP-cable.

However, when I turn on the transceiver from the client after having been shut off over night, the audio and waterfall usually does not come up, although the client shows ongoing data communication at the bottom right of the GUI. If restart the wfview client, it comes up immediately with all the features.

This is no big issue, as it is resolved by a software restart. But I do get a bit nervous each time that I may have lost the communication.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi Jan.

I usually find that it does eventually come-up (often after 10-15 seconds). We are not exactly sure why it sometimes does this?

With the latest version (soon to be released) there is a Connect/Disconnect button on the bottom of all screens so you can always try disconnecting and reconnecting.

73 Phil M0VSE