Spectrum Freezing During Recording To A Card?


When I record to a SD Card, the Spectrum and Waterfall apparently freeze
during the recording.

Is this normal, or am I doing, as usual, something dumb ?

Great program.


Hi Bob.

It’s not the recording that is causing the spectrum/waterfall to freeze. As soon as you move to a screen that doesn’t display the spectrum/waterfall on the radio, it stops sending this data via C-IV.

If you start recording and then return to the SCOPE screen, you will see that it will start sending this data again and the wfview spectrum/waterfall will restart.

73 Phil M0VSE


Embarrased that I didn’t realize it myself.

Best regards,

No problem Bob.

It’s a slightly annoying ‘feature’ of all the Icom SDR radios that they only send spectrum data via USB/LAN when the spectrum is on-screen. I assume that is due to the limited CPU capacity of the radios (this saves the CPU having to perform costly FFT operations that might not actually be used for anything I guess?) It would be nice if they made this an option but I doubt it will happen!

73 Phil M0VSE