Spectrum frequency marker

I have now had the software running constantly for almost 2 days with no issues. It’s very stable for a test release and I have to say I am loving it and prefer it to the Icom remote software which I found to be less than intuitive to get running! This is a great piece of software guys and I am looking forward to watching it grow.

I do have one comment/request to make at this time which is to make the marker for the currently selected frequency in the spectrum display a lighter colour. Using the dark theme it’s hard to see the blue line, in fact I did not notice it to begin with.

I also discovered clicking in the spectrum display changes the frequency which I had not seen mentioned in the documentation, but that may have just been me reading it too quickly.:grin:

Best regards

John G4HPW

Great to hear that it is working well John, although it is a “test” release, we have all been focused on stability from day 1.

We are trying to catch-up with documentation so it may have been missed? Yes clicking on the spectrum display is a great feature!

I will leave Elliott to comment on the marker colour when he gets up (he is in California) as he is the GUI expert, it may already be possible to configure this via the preferences file but if not, I’m sure it could be added.

73 Phil

Hi John,

You can change the color of this line in the preferences file. Here is a link explaining some of this, including where to find the preferences for each operating system:


The parameters to change are under the DarkColors and LightColors section:


The format for these parameters is an unsigned integer. To convert an RGB value to unsigned integer, start by writing the color, for example, opaque red:
FF FF 00 00
(which is formatted: Opaque (FF), Red (FF), Blue (none), Green (none)).

It’s like HTML color codes, but with that opaqueness parameter at the front.

Now convert the number to an unsigned integer. You can go online and find converters or use python:
Python 2.7.18 (default, Mar 8 2021, 13:02:45)
[GCC 9.3.0] on linux2
Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.


So in this case, the value we’d want to put in to make the frequency line red is “4294901760”.

This is an annoying process, but one thing I did to make it easier, is to show some “example” colors under the “StandardColors” section. You may find the color you want in that section. Be sure to close wfview, modify the preferences, and then re-open. I’ll try and write some more in the preferences part of the manual today, I realize it’s a bit blank in some areas.

de W6EL

Hi Elliott

Thanks for the reply. I will have a careful play with the regestry key and let you know how I get on.

John G4HPW