Split operation

Hi would you please in main screne - View add the split button. When split mode (vfo A) is enabled and I click a frequency I want only the vfo B to move to it. Is this possible? Thanks 73

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split operation is on the roadmap, Panagiotis

When – I cannot say yet

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Hi since split is a basic function of every transceiver, moreover all dxpeditions use it please place it in the first row for the next version. Thanks a lot 73

I know. and I’m with you on this; just like several other things that should be in soon.

however, be aware of that features added require UI work and rigcontrol work. Both need at some point a redesign. These redesigns are becoming harder to do the longer we wait so internally there have been quite some changes made. (*)

I am pretty sure several of the following are in:

NB, including setting
NR, including setting
Notch fiters, ncluding setting
AGC including setting (not var AGC yet for the high ends)
Twin PBT
filter setups
ssb/cw synchronization
switch on/off monitor
dual rx/scope

so while we juggle with the imprtance of all kind of things, we are not promising what is in which version and when.

We do our best and we noticed quite a few people mentioing split so maybe it will be soon…

(*) the biggest changes haven’t even taken place yet.

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Hi please add another option: A new menu for online upgrading to new versions (without having first downloading new version and installing manually), very thank you 73