Still can't Connect

Still trying to connect Client to server Help!

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Hi Terry.

Firstly, I would always recommend enabling CIV transceive on your radio and using auto CIV address detection and not specifying a CIV address within wfview.

More importantly though, you seem to have massive packet loss on your network, looking at the IP address of your server, I assume that you have multiple network cards as that is a different network address to the client? Wfview will always use the primary network interface which appears to be on a different network.

Until this is resolved and you have fixed whatever is causing such high packet loss, you are unlikely to get it working.



Having connection problems with WFview may not be the software especially with my ICOM IC-7610. It seems that the built in server and USB interface is not as robust. This slightest disruption from RFI and/or handshake timing, and/or sequence of powering up the radio and remote software sometimes will lock up the radio I/O. There are several solutions:

1 “Power on RESET” the radio from the power supply. Wait 20 seconds before turning the power back on.

  1. If your radio has a server built in like the IC-7610. Cycle/change the IP address and/or DNS. You must power off the radio for the IP change to take place. Then return to the original IP/DNS address and power off the radio again and turn it back on.

  2. Make sure radio is turned on first, wait 3 -10 seconds, then bring the wfview up. Once the wfview successfully connects, then you can control power to the IC-7610 via wfview which does not really turn off the radio, it puts the radio in Standby. I always disconnect from the radio before I turn off the radio via wfview. Following step 3, my Wfview has been working flawlessly for me.

Kevin, wa6jkn


I got client connected but no audio so I must have something else I need to change? My configuration is lan with wife extender in garage all high speed. Still have a lot of packet loss, however I can control all functions from client to server just now audio on client.

wfview-20221008170739.log (5.4 KB)

I would be interested in more details on the wife extender… :slight_smile: