Successful remote operation

I’ve been running wfview from my office this morning connected via the Internet back to my IC-7610 at home. The computer I’m using here at the office is an OLD Dell Pentium 4, but it seems to run it just fine. No packets lost all morning. This is on Linux built from source.

It may have already been mentioned, but AGC control would be nice.

I studied the source code for a while last night, and while I don’t pretend to understand everything (I’m an old embedded C and DSP guy with no Qt experience) I’m beginning to understand how I might extend the application or add features down the road. This is an excellent application - thanks and well done!

Doug K4DSP

we’re having some roadmaps where several items are adressed.

If you happen to have added something useful, you can always send a PR, suggestions and the like.