Support for RC-28 USB encoder planned?

Hi Geoffrey,

That annoying delay has been SQUASHED with what you will see in 1.60. Absolutely gone. The delay came about when the functions were “improved” to use the new command queue, but I think I did it wrong and didn’t catch it. It’s fixed now, thanks to Peter’s asking for some additional key shortcuts, which caused me to look deeper into the code.

You can now move very rapidly around. It’s as fast as turning the knob or scroll wheel.


de W6EL

Wow, that sounds amazing and a reason to try out 1.60. Many thanks !
Maybe I can finish now my hardware remote controller for wfView.

(I intend to change the ShuttleXpress-encoder from 10 to 30 steps and
make an additional electronic [rising edge: first key, Ctrl-R, falling
edge: second key, Ctrl-T) so that a normal PTT-Function can be
achieved for a microphone or a footswitch.

BTW, it would be superb if this edge-triggering could be implemented
in the code. I mean if e.g. Ctrl-P is pressed, TRX goes on TX, if
released TRX goes to RX.

Hi Geoffrey,

The controller code does support assigning a button to “PTT toggle” which switches the state from T to R or vice-versa. Like the “TRANSMIT” button on the front of the radio. But a “hold down the key” thing, like a hand mic has, is a bit different, I don’t think we have that yet.

I will see if it’s trivial to do or not. It will depend on exactly how the buttons are handled.

de W6EL

Yes I understand that, especially since one has to switch of the
repeat-function. So it is not really necessary because it is easy to
use only one chip (CD4528) to create a keystroke on the rising edge
for one button which is assigned to create CTRL-T and on the falling
edge to create another keystroke for CTRL-R.

Exactly. We can’t do it for the keyboard keys, but maybe the USB controller buttons? We will see. It depends on if we get separate press and release messages, and of course, if there is anything like “keyboard repeat” going on.

de W6EL


never touch a running system – did you update your rig? We actually use the latest “API” of a rig so if
you stay behind (no reason to do so) you might get in trouble.

I also formly believe that updating this kind of software is a good thing to do. If all fails, you can use the older version. It’s not that you can’t go back.

Using my Apple earpods last night on my Macbook but I can’t figure out how to turn off the monitor while I am transmitting as it is very distracting listening to my own voice with delay?

Hi Peter,

At this time, the monitor control isn’t implemented in wfview; you have to walk over the the rig and hit the button.

I too find this super annoying when I leave it on! It’s almost impossible to talk.

I’m not sure when we’ll add the control to wfview. It’s on the list though, along with several other basic controls that we just haven’t gotten to yet.

de W6EL

I just downloaded 1.5. I haven’t attempted to use my 7610 remotely. So
the Network parameters haven’t been setup. So, I did what anyone would
do - I looked in both manuals for a description of the parameters and
their settings. I found nothing. There certainly isn’t anything in the
index. It might be in there somewhere. But I can’t find it.

So, the 7610 is connected to a WiFi to ethernet bridge. My shack
computer is also connected to this bridge. So, I’m sure data rates are
just fine. I’m getting old and I live with the brain fog that is
unavoidable. So I’ve forgotten what the values should be.

So I would appreciate a little guidance.

tnx & 73, Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug,

Have you looked at the wfview documentation?

First time guide

Manual table of contents

For wfview, all you need to do is fill in the username, password, ip address, and port. You then select your audio devices from the audio menus and press “Connect”.

de W6EL

also in the basic manual of the 7610 – set mode and the network section. the numbers you see there are a reference to what you need to use in wfview’s setup.

I also assume you mean an ethernet switch there.

During installation of 1.5 I got this:

No idea what file is missing. is vc_redistx86.exe the missing file? Should that be coming from somewhere else?
I clicked ignore and then started wfview.

I entered the following information for remote connection:

This is from the IC-7610 network settings.

This is the log after clicking Connect to Radio. There was no connection and I don’t see any kind of error. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

2023-01-25 12:40:01.376 INF udp: Closing UDP stream : “” : 50001
2023-01-25 12:41:03.345 DBG rig: Closing rig comms
2023-01-25 12:41:03.345 INF udp: Starting udpHandler user: “k0dxv” rx latency: 150 tx latency: 150 rx sample rate: 48000 rx codec: 4 tx sample rate: 48000 tx codec: 4
2023-01-25 12:41:03.345 INF system: Received CommReady!!
2023-01-25 12:41:03.345 INF default: Setting rig state for wfmain
2023-01-25 12:41:03.345 INF udp: UDP Stream bound to local port: 50522 remote port: 50001

Not much in the way of useful information.

Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug

If wfview runs, you can ignore that message from the installer as if the necessary redistributable wasn’t installed then wfview wouldn’t run.

A short snip of the log isn’t very useful, can you use the log capture into termbin after an attempted connection and post the link? This will allow us to examine the whole log. Also if you click the debug checkbox and then try connecting again, it will provide more logging.

This snippet of log does suggest that the radio isn’t responding to our connect request though, so worth checking that network control is enabled on the radio, and you have the correct IP address and ports configured for the radio.

You mentioned before that you are using a WiFi to ethernet bridge, is this definitely a bridge and not a router? Can you ping the radio’s IP address from your PC? If not then you would need to resolve this before wfview has any chance of working!

All of this is covered in our FAQ

73 Phil M0VSE

I attempted a connection again. I sent the log to Debug was checked. It still doesn’t look like there’s much data.
73, Doug – K0DXV

Can you ping the radio IP address?

Also, as this has absolutely nothing to do with the title of this thread, please can you start a new topic?

73 Phil M0VSE

Yes. Ping is succesful.

Hi Geoffrey,

(Back on the thread’s topic of USB controllers)

I just build the latest wfview with rc28 and shuttle USB controller support. You will be please to know that you can indeed set a button to be transmit on press and receive on release! I am using my Shuttle Pro V2 right now and it is simply amazing. I’ve got buttons set up for the common modes, a transmit key (in the traditional sense, as you mentioned), a button for tuning steps, plus the center and outer tuning ring. It even works without keyboard/mouse “focus” meaning, you can use the controller while other programs are running and wfview is minimized or on another desktop.

@phil is a genius, what can I say? It’s quite amazing. I can’t wait to push out some official builds with this enabled.

de W6EL

Thanks @eliggett It is working well. The smoothness of the tuning is in large part thanks to @sq6emm though, who has been very helpful in testing the RC28 part of the code.

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