Terrific Revision Release


Just want to say a quick thanks for the new release.
It’s truly excellent, and very well done.

Using with an Icom R8600 and W10.

And, a special thanks for making the frequency readout a bit bigger, so it isn’t
clipped anymore. Much appreciated.

If you are keeping a wish list, here are a few items to consider, perhaps:

a. A thicker (selectable ?) line for the spectrum display.
Would be a help for us old-guys with poor eye sight.

 And/or filling in the area under the Spectrum curve.

b. Scanning between two frequencies.

c. The Memories, and their functionality, as presently in the radio.

d. Scanning the contents in the various configured Memories.

Best regards, and thanks again for making such a super program available,
Bob R.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the feedback! We truly appreciate it and are glad you like wfview!

I’ll add these to my feature list. Memory operation is currently on the back burner due to some more core feature work we are diving into, so for now, CHIRP is a good option for managing the memories.

Take care, and thanks for the kind words,

de W6EL