Three Requests

I must have restarted wfview a hundred time in the last few days as I chase down this loss of connection issue.

Request #1: How about an option in Settings that says something like Auto Power On on Program Startup? So I don’t sit around like a bloody idiot waiting for things to happen when I start wfview. You could make it an option for those who don’t like the idea.

Request #2 (unrelated): Make it so clicking Save Settings in the settings menu automatically returns you to the View tab. Again, you could make it a selectable option for those who aren’t in a hurry.

Request #3: Move Secondary Meter Selection to a button on the main screen that pops up a list (similar to the Mode button). It’s extremely slow changing menus and saving settings in the heat of battle.

Hope you can give these some consideration.

Thanks and 73,

thanks for your suggestions.

Now, wfview is currently being rewritten where a few things are the main goals

  1. how rigs are controlled in a more flexible way
  2. hamlib emulation
  3. the UI.

So, let’s just wait with the suggestions as they will definitely won’t happen in 1.6x versons.

Got it! Thanks!