Tip: better TX AUDIO quality with MAC version

Hi MAC / WFVIEW users,

everything was working here with a MacBook Pro , WFVIEW and my IC-9700, but got a ‘complaint’ about a ‘‘thin’’ audio quality with TX. (almost no Low and High tones)

I tried with internal mic and external USB MIC, didn’t change anything.

Wen I’m using my normal microphone at the IC-9700 itself it was not a problem.

I tried to find a setting for changing tone quality at my computer (MacBook Pro with Big Sur OS), and found a setting via setting menu Launchpad, OTHER, then choose AUDIO/MIDI configuration.
It was standard set to 16 bit. (as far I know.)
I then changed it into 24 bit, then I got back the low and high tones in my MIC audio, much better they said.

Maybe it helps when you have the same problem.

  1. Chris

thanks Chris.

Maybe you could make a screenshot in English? IMost peopel won’t aunderstand Dutch (and tbh I hate it ;-))


Hi Roeland ,

I understand you hate it that most people don’t understand Dutch ? :wink:

just kidding.

Here is the same screenshot but then in English language.

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hahaha something along that lines yes.

No the real reason is that localized errors, devices and such are not easy to interpreted by others
and search engines generally produce more results compared to localized texts.

Have fun!