Trouble connecting to IC-705 since upgrade to V1.5

I have been using WFview V1 off and on for a while. However since I upgraded to V1.5 on one computer I can’t connect at all using the wireless mode and on other computer I can connect after several attempts but receive audio works sometime but not other times. When the audio works it breaks up a lot. I understand this break up may have something to do with my Mesh WiFi.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Julio,

Indeed, mesh does not work with the 705 wifi chip. If it happens to work sometimes, I would not rely on it anyway.

Version 1.50+ has significantly better network support. You should have a better connection than before.

In any case, try adjusting the buffer to a higher value of latency and using 16000 as the sample rate. You do need to disconnect and reconnect once you make the change.


de W6EL

the weird part of the 705 is that mesh does work reasonably well with RX but TX, if it works, causes broken parts and totally damaged sound.

I have added myself to the manufacturer’s site to find out in their forums if this is a known issue and/or if it can be fixed (by ICOM). As Elliott states: it does not work; better said: not supported by ICOM.

I can mention i had the same problem with the iPad remote softw app SDRControl from Markus which i use lately when the laptop with WFview is not in my neighbourhood.

He also mentioned the Mesh problem :

A Mesh network is usually no good idea as it may cause all kind of network issues or delays. “

Now i’m think about using an extra access point (no mesh) specially for the remote software.
.(or use my phone as hotspot)

I think using a dedicated AP for this application is very smart.

This week i uploaded the current firmware for the 705 and now I seem to be able to connect and the receive audio has been solid. This is on two different computers and a conventional and a mesh WiFi connection. I haven’t tried xmit audio but everything else seems to work.

Julio, W4Hy

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