Trying to answer Phil

Hi Phil, (How does a guy answer the moderator’s question if he can only post once?)

Yes, no devices are listed, and no RT Audio or Port audio in the third window…

I tried connecting remote to my 7300 with 1_2d server running, and tried to connect

to my 7610 direct over network, and neither one showed any life in the audio selectors…

Also, trying to run in server mode, no connection data shows in the lower right even though
the server DOES send waterfall data to the remote, and responds to controls. No audio on
server or client…

Could it be Windows 7 not cooperating? V1 and 1_2d both work mostly ok…

(Sorry so long for reply, system wouldn’t let me respond a second time via email…)



Hi Jon.

Try 1.2e that was recently released, that is what adds PortAudio/RT Audio. Download | wfview

Yes email replies from new members are limited as a spam prevention measure. You could have used the web interface to reply though.

73 Phil