Tuning step saved value

Hi guys,

Amazing piece of software by the way - loving my ICOM 7300 remote access.

I had a simple question - the tuning step setting does not appear to be saved after a “Save Settings”
and seems to always default back to 100Hz. I had a look in the wfview registry where all the settings
are stored and could not see and entry for it. I generally like a value of 500Hz so is there a way of
making this the default.

Hopefully I have not missed anything obvious ?


                Dave  G7IYK

the tuning step stuff is something thats going to changed and the idea is to have ore sane default values depending on the chosen mode.

Also, saving/restoring this may be something that will be added.

Hi Roeland,
Ok, that is a good idea having the value linked to the mode - I think having it saved would
be a good idea if it’s not too much hassle.
Been runnning wfview all afternoon on a very old laptop and it’s worked perfectly. Also
hooked it to Log4OM also running on the same laptop connecting to the server from outside
my LAN using my Android phone as a hot spot !

Dave G7IYK