Tuning: Thoughts On?


Really enjoying the program.

Question, please: Is there any other practical way of tuning the radio from the program
other than the rotary knob ?

Are there plans to add any other method, like incrementing.changing actual freq. numbers, etc ?

Or, using one of those external rotary tuning knob encoders (I forget their names), but I know these have been mentioned before ?

The knob works just fine, but it is still “a bit” awkward to use, as, in my opinion, entering and changing from the keyboard also.

Seems, to me, the changing of the digits via a Mouse wheel, or the the external encoder would be the “best”.

Thoughts ?

Best regards,

there is a shuttle express that’s being worked on; Also at some point RC28 suport is to be expected hopefully.

you can also change frequencies with + and -, arrow left and right.

Direct input is also available but not in the sense where you input it “over” the current frequency in the main UI tab. The latter works for RSBA1 – and at some point we may do that too.

The current state of affairs is that there is a need to rewrite parts between the control and the rigs in a way that adding a rig merely is adding, say a textfile that holds the capabilities and commands.

The UI may add dual scope, rx as well for the rigs that have it and while busy on the UI other improvements like keeping track of step sizes beween band changes, modulation types etc too.

And yes. also the dial freq support via hardware.