TwinPBT / Filters setup

Hi, a little review of the software:

The latest build has activated the twinPBT button.
I see that I can move the buttons correctly, but if I press the physical button on the icom7300 to reset the position, it stays on the radio correctly, but on wfview it doesn’t change. This makes the information on screen erroneous.
It also happens with the Squelch buttons, volume, etc.

With the filters I have another problem, the SETUP button does not open anything. Maybe it’s not implemented yet?

It is very usable, however, many thanks for the work!

Hi Jordi.

Thanks for the kind words.

Yes the setup option for receive filters is not implemented yet!

It is actually quite a complex process to replicate all settings like you describe as it involves constantly polling the radio for every setting. This is something that we are working on where we plan to maintain a copy of the current rig-state containing all possible settings and periodically query the radio for each one.

73 Phil M0VSE

note also that if your radio has PBT, you can use the IF shift to move both at the same time in the same direction.

Where can I download that new build, and whats the revision #,pls?

exact version I cant tell but latest source has it


which is labeled 1.2d – as we need to build the executables; I can do linux easily but mac and windows are Elliot/Phil.

We did already tinker with building the current ones but you know how things go…

we just released 1.2d