TX Audio Stops/Clipping

Using V1.5 on MacOS 12.6 circa 2017 MacBook Pro on an IC705 through a WiFi router that is less that 6 meters away from the equipment. RX audio works 100%. Tx audio occasionally clips/stop completely during Tx, and will restart on it’s own. Never more than a few seconds (so far). I get the same results using SDR-Control. I can see both the spectrum & waterfall display freeze when the TX audio stops.

This happens even when I am less than 4 meters away from the IC705 and connected in AP mode.

I am not sure if it is a 2.4g congestion issue, or something to do with my laptop. I do not have access to another computer to do any sort of comparison.

Any suggestions on what I can do to try and troubleshoot? Any logs I can look at?

Anthony - N1IG

Hi Anthony,

The IC-705 has (in my opinion) a pretty weak wifi subsystem. I recommend using a dedicated wifi AP if at all possible. Make sure to limit wifi traffic by not watching videos at the same time, for example.

You can of course try increasing the TX Latency slider and decreasing the sample rate. I recommend 16 KHz sample rate and 150 ms latency. The 8-bit uLaw format will provide even lower bandwidth requirements.

I don’t actually own an IC-705 so if someone else wants to chime in on recommendations, have at it of course :).

de W6EL

Just to echo Elliott’s comments, the IC-705 WiFi implementation isn’t very good! It is particularly poor at working with mesh networks.

I also find a good quality dedicated wireless AP is a must for a stable connection.

73 Phil

Thanks to both of you for the quick replies.

I think I have tried those settings before. I know I had dropped to 8000 and 250ms delay at some point, and not sure I saw a difference. I will play with the settings some more.

Anthony - N1IG