Uninstall from Windows

Is there a procedure to uninstall WFView from Windows 10? The installer did not put an option under Add/Remove programs.

[update] I found that there were actually 3 uninstallers for WFView, but they were under the Admin user, even though I had installed WFView under a local (non-admin) user. During the install process, I did give the installer the admin password. My computer is set up with a local non-administrative user that I use most of the time and an administrative user that I use when needed.

I had installed WFView 3 times. The first time I installed 1.2e. At the end of the install there was an error message about couldn’t install (I didn’t write it down, but it ended in _norestart). The installer did not try to install the VC resdistributables.

I then installed 1.1 which appeared to overwrite the 1.2e install and this time did install the VC redistributables. I then installed 1.2e again which also installed the VC redistributables.

The three installers were 2 for 1.2e and one for 1.1. When I launched them, I got an error message “please make sure the user has read access to installer.dat or run maintenancetool as an administrative user” This was under my adminstrative user.

So I installed WFView under my administrative user. There were still only three uninstallers. I ran one and it brought up the uninstall options. I selected remove all. It told me that it would remove the entire directory Program Files (x86)\wfview. It completed without error. It appears that WFView was removed. However, the Program Files (x86)\wfview directory was still there. The main wfview files were gone, but the maintenancetool directory was still there. Also the uninstaller was still there.

I tried all three uninstallers. Each completed without error, but non removed maintenancetool nor the uninstaller.