Using The BAND Button Problem


What am I, as usual, missing ?

For the first time, I have tried the “Band” button.
Clicking on any of the ham bands does absolutely nothing.
Does not seem to take me to the band, or anywhere.

The program works just great for tuning the radio, etc.

Is there perhaps something I have to disable prior to using the Band button, and
going to a Ham band ?

Would like also to have it take me to the band’s calling frequency, as was mentioned
in the User Manual.

What should I try, please ?

Best regards,

Hi Bob.

The Band buttons make use of a feature contained in many Icom rigs called BSR (Band Stack Register). From what I understand, the ICR-8600 does not have this facility, and the radio doesn’t really understand the concept of bands as it is a general coverage receiver.

The ability to emulate BSR for radios that don’t support it is a requested feature but currently the Band buttons won’t work for you sadly.

73 Phil M0VSE

Hi Phil,

Much thanks for explanation.

Best regards,