Using the Radio's (R8600) Tuning Step Setting?


Super program.

Have an Icom R8600.

Something for the wish-list:

Can the program grab the setting that one has on the radio
for the Tuning Step (TS) ? And use the radio’s setting for, rather than what the program
has for it.


Hi Bob,

That’s an interesting idea. We’ll revisit this when we address tuning steps in general. There is room for improvement for sure.

de W6EL

this may be covered by


Hi Roeland,

Thanks for reply, but neither of the two links will open up for me.

If you get a chance, might you, please, summarize what they say
for me.

Or, is there another way of accessing them ?

Much thanks,

Best regards,

it’s private. one of them carries your exact text. the other one is a broader issue where we want to get some modes, settings and the like, save it and restore on exit.